Saturday, February 12, 2011

abundence of work!

Hye uoalss.. so hows life??
im very busy..very very busy...
so, im very2 tired too...huhu

Lots of assignments to deal with..
lots of tests for next week...
lets check out what i have for you..
sory..not for you but, for me...

  • literature- flowers for algernon (written assignment)
  • literature- woman of no importance--setting (written assignment too)
  • reading- book review
  • writing- argumentative essay
  • listening & speaking- title for persuasive speech
  • islamis studies- short film, interview experienced teacher,opinion on islamic edu,
  • basic principle- motivating slow learners (3000 words essay+forum)

just that for next week? NOOOO!!

Hah? you have another works??
  • FINAL DRAMA!!(CSWK -stands for cik siti wan kembang)
kite penat laa.. huhu

So, i cant imagine how im gonna live next week..huhu
yes! i'll try my best to finish my assignments and do my best for the tests..
i do hope my friends and i could go through the hectic week successfully :)

hah! about the drama, come to our final drama performance on this coming up saturday @ 19 february 2010 at iINTEC great hall.
We will present to you the story of The Virgin Queen--CSWK.
We also have another 5 interesting story from other groups...

so, feel free to come and support our performance!! :)


  1. wahhh lawa gila poster. yam and fattah comel! :D

  2. yong: haha..crew2 lain pn comel hahah
    syida: x payah nk fattah sangattttt.. hahaha