Monday, April 23, 2012

Shaolin soccer

dicukur kepalanya oleh embah bidan after disunatkan. Ye! Amani dah sunat :D

YAAAA. melalak sudah. sedih agaknya hilang rambut lebat. sobsss

Huiiyo saya mcm shaolin soccer sudah. hihi

Lenanya tidooo. Ni after nanges yang panjang lepas dicukur ye. Bukan terus tido aman damai lepas albotak rambutnya

Alololoo. Comel tak baju pink purple saya? ;D ayah yang belikn :)

uiii sedapnya saya tido didukung kakak saya! :) hihi

hatiku berkata: Begitulah kisah Amani yang sudah botak 

my style

style si gadis ayu

huuu like a boss style

 hilang style. sudah kena ikatlaaaa. haha

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poor Amani

Amani is having jaundice after a week of her birth. My mom and dad brought her to Hospital Tg Karang just to make sure that it wasn't really bad lah kan. The nurse took her blood to count the bilirubin in the blood and measure the level/ stage of the jaundice.  Thank God it's not that high so she's not warded. 

Alolo kesian Amani kan. Worst, nurse tu mcm tak pandai ambik darah plak. 3 kali tau dia cucuk! That's why Amani cried out loud. Selalunya dia tak nanges kuat pun. Haiyoo nurse, jgn la ini mcm.

But then, it's ok la to see her sleep and not crying anymore :) 
Oh btw, her full name is Nurin Fatini Amani and we call her Amani :) (cita-citaku/ perlindunganku/ ketenanganku) Hope she'll grow up well with the nice name given by ayah and mama :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

My little one

 nak mandi pun mentidooo lg

owh dia celik kejap tunjuk mata sepet

 tido lagi

 dan lagi
pejam saje kau nih


nampak panjang kakinya

 tido lagi sampai ke sudahhh

Welcoming and introducing the new family member :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Villa Kekek Mak iloi iloi

Miss me? NO? ok bye. haha.

No lah, I'm sorry as it's been a while since I left this blog by itself, hoping it will be automatically updated. Hahah. I'm sooooo lazy to type lah. How I wish the blog can read my mind and know what to be told and publish it for me. huhu. Mcm bermimpi di tengahari buta kan? 

Never mind, so let me just have some simple bebelan about my life in the second semester. Everybody knows previously I kept talking or writing about Mawar right? Because I lived there for three semesters. Two semesters of asasi and one semester for degree. 
But but but...

For this semester I have to rent a house because I can't stay at Mawar. Apply pun tak, nak dapat apenya kan.haha. But actually, me myself don't want to stay at the college because it's far from my faculty. Just imagine that the college is at seksyen 7 and my class is at Intec seksyen 17. I think, I don't want to go through the hardship to go to class as we have to rush in the morning to catch the bus rengit and if we miss the bus, we have to go for rapid and it takes 1 hour to the faculty because we have to take 603 to seksyen 2 and after that wait for 529 to Intec. Arghhhh it's tiring! 

So, for now on, I'm staying in a house with Syidah( tak boleh pisah kan haha) and other friends. Wanna see my house? 

Tadaaaaa. This is my Villa Kekek a.k.a VK. Nama kemain kannn. haha. Not really a villa obviously. haha. But, I love staying here because I have my friends and it is comfortable and just nice for me as a student. VK is not fully furnished. We don't have tv, bed, cupboard, bla bla but we do have washing machine, fridge, stove and a very nice kitchen to cook. Yeah I love cooking so, kitchen is one of the thing that I look for. I pay Rm150 every month  excluded the water and electricity and internet bils. Errr is it ok?

VK from the side view. Irony that we have the astro plate but no tv in the house! haha. Never mind lah, I'm not a tv's fan or what so, I can live without tv. hehe.

hatiku berkata: jalan kaki 20mins ke fakulti yg tak tahan tuuuuu