Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poor Amani

Amani is having jaundice after a week of her birth. My mom and dad brought her to Hospital Tg Karang just to make sure that it wasn't really bad lah kan. The nurse took her blood to count the bilirubin in the blood and measure the level/ stage of the jaundice.  Thank God it's not that high so she's not warded. 

Alolo kesian Amani kan. Worst, nurse tu mcm tak pandai ambik darah plak. 3 kali tau dia cucuk! That's why Amani cried out loud. Selalunya dia tak nanges kuat pun. Haiyoo nurse, jgn la ini mcm.

But then, it's ok la to see her sleep and not crying anymore :) 
Oh btw, her full name is Nurin Fatini Amani and we call her Amani :) (cita-citaku/ perlindunganku/ ketenanganku) Hope she'll grow up well with the nice name given by ayah and mama :)


  1. tahniah dpt adik baru !!! (^_^) jaga dia baik2, she'll recover soon insyaAllah :) and dont forget to look after your mom too, hehe~

  2. kesiannya Amani. Nasib baik tak teruk sangat.

  3. waaa comelnya! semoga dia sihat cepat! InsyaAllah

  4. kantoi ah aku stalk blog nurin

  5. huu kantoi sudah haha. amani comel mcm kakak dia :)