Monday, February 6, 2012

Twenty and twelve

      Yeah, i'm 20 years old on this 2012. Pretty old huh? huhu. I'm twenty in terms of age, responsibilities, mind, bla bla bla. But, i'm also twelve.I'm being monitored. I have to tell all my plans. Where i'm going, what i do, etc. I miss my friends. I missed lots of fun time with them. Never there for their open houses. Never there for birthday celebration. Never there to have fun. Never there to share the happinesss. NEVER ! I'm stucked here. Surrounded by palm trees, no internet access, pathetic line. Doing all the same thing again and again every single day! Not connected to the outside world except yeah a few friends. Sometimes, i just cry without any reason. Tears need no reason to fall down. haha. So, yeah. I'm twenty and i'm twelve.

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