Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello my dear,
I miss u sooo much!
But, i'm quite busy and thus i cant take care of u that much.
 worry huhu but dont worry i still love u blog :)

Owh by the way, what are u guys doing during this long long break? yes! it is sooooo long!
Well, as for me, im not going to work because i dont get permission from my parents.
and urmmm.. im not going to anywhere for a trip or whatsoever because it is clear, when u are not working, u dont have money! haha..

oK, i have driving class which supposed to be last year but due to certain thing i only manage to attend the class now. One word to describe driving class---> HARD!
huhu. i never drive before so, that was my first time. its so confusing and tiring because of the class, stereng, and so on! urghhh..ok, let by gone be by gone.i still have 6 hours class after this. Wish me luck ! :p

Ermm now, im in the library to teach some students with parlimen debat. im not a pro in debat but, in my secondary class, i joined debat society and i used to participate in debat for school level and when i was f4 and f5,im one of the judges for school competition. so, with my tiny litle knowledge i am trying my best! hehehe..

Wish me luck sayanggg.. and i miss everybody. i miss smapian, 1c, and 2c and everybodyyyyy!!
misss ya! hope to see everybody on september! :)
yeahh im empty without u guys .. i miss u